Technology and didactic innovation in school at the time of covid-19: an evaluation of the educational effectiveness in the student perspective


  • Davide Di Palma Pensamultimedia
  • Patrizia Belfiore



The purpose of this contribution is to assess the didactic effectiveness perceived by the student regarding the experimental service offered by the school system in the period of health and social emergency derived from COVID-19. This analysis is considered fundamental in order to identify the preconditions so that what is produced by means of this forced experimentation can represent a process of didactic innovation, based on the suitable use of technology in the school context. In this regard, a sample of 1,000 secondary school students was involved who, through a questionnaire of 10 multiple choice questions, made it possible to grasp the strengths and critical points on which to act to ensure that this didactic criticality can represent an important step towards a process of innovation of the school system.