Educate with sport: a multi-valued resource


  • Francesco Peluso Cassese
  • Davide Di Palma
  • Antonio Ascione
  • Domenico Tafuri


The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the sport resource
not only in the classic perspective of improving the state of physical
well-being or of celebration of the athlete’s performance, but rather in a
multi-dimensional and multi-valued perspective.
In this regard, it was shown how sport, through an educational management
based on the values of integration, legality and citizenship, can contribute
to sustainable social, cultural and even economic development in
the long term.
This paper has also highlighted the role that the sport educator should play
in this performant management in order to maximize the sport resource



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Peluso Cassese, F., Di Palma, D., Ascione, A., & Tafuri, D. (2018). Educate with sport: a multi-valued resource. Formazione & Insegnamento, 16(2), 173–180. Retrieved from

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