Education for ecological and sustainable self-care


  • Sara Baroni
  • Sara Bornatici
  • Andrea Ceciliani
  • Teresa Giovanazzi
  • Matteo Segafreddo



Numerous studies in the field of early childhood education show that chil-dren play an active role in their own development and, interacting with the environment, they get to know themselves, experience the joy of living and the responsibility of taking care of their surroundings. This contribution, without any pretense of being exhaustive, focuses on the value of self-care, moving, in an ecological and sustainable perspective, from listening to the inner self and the artistic-musical language to the discovery of otherness. Within this interpretative horizon, educators are asked to take care of them-selves in order to design and offer, according to a reflective-transformative logic, environments, experiences and sustainable educational paths that allow the child to strengthen his or her own self and, at the same time, make a significant contribution to the construction of the greater good.



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Baroni , S. ., Bornatici , S. ., Ceciliani , A. ., Giovanazzi , T. ., & Segafreddo , M. . (2021). Education for ecological and sustainable self-care. Formazione & Insegnamento, 19(1 Tome II), 797–805.

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