School ReGeneration: A Plan to direct education to the ecological transition




Complexity, Ecosystem formation, Transition, School, Sustainability


The School ReGeneration Plan for ecological and cultural transition, promoted by MIUR in 2021, is an invitation to review the role of education in contemporary society to imagine new meaningful scenarios. Accepting the challenge of complexity implies a rethinking of schooling, exploring new pedagogical frontiers and planning educational and training courses aimed at facing the changes taking place with critical awareness. The ecological and cultural transition of the school is characterized as an ethical and educational commitment to promote a new existential model, socially fraternal and virtuous in harmony with the Earth. With a view to an integrated training system, opening up to the territory for a regeneration of the school urges to orient training towards ecological transition in the promotion of relational networks between individuals, communities and resources for a social and economic transformation within the horizon of an educational culture of sustainability. 



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Giovanazzi, T. . (2022). School ReGeneration: A Plan to direct education to the ecological transition. Formazione & Insegnamento, 20(1 Tome I), 127–135.