Active learning and development of creativity: as possible relationship


  • Raffaela Tore
  • Concetta Tino
  • Monica Fedeli



The paper presents the analysis of two courses in the E-learning environment, held at the University of Padua, Methodology of Training and Methods and Techniques of Group Work and Animation, in which an active and participatory teaching allowed the creation, respectively, of two artifacts: a Podcast and project-design simulations (Forbes, 2015; Salmon, Nie, 2008; Tore,
Tino, Fedeli, 2021). The questions that guided the realization of the study were: What perceptions do students have of active and participatory teaching in the E-learning environment in terms of impact on their creativity and motivation to learn? How is the theory-practice combination perceived by students? The results collected through the questionnaires, administered to students investigated teaching methods and tools proposed during the courses and highlighted the perceived link between the teaching and the development of creativity and reflexivity which together with other transversal skills (digital skills, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, analytical skills) have been identified by students as transferable skills in real life contexts.



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Tore, R. ., Tino, C. ., & Fedeli, M. . (2021). Active learning and development of creativity: as possible relationship. Formazione & Insegnamento, 19(3), 170–183.

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