Thinking about the use of Tactical Games Model in primary school


  • Francesco Sgrò Pensa MultiMedia Editore
  • Mario Lipoma



Sport education is a learning aim related to the physical education curriculum in the elementary schools. However, it is well-known both the low level of impact that it provides for the actual teaching-learning processes and the negative reflections derived from that circumstance for the holistic development of each child. Since, in this paper we provide an analysis of the causes because sport education has a low consideration in the Italian primary schools curriculum and we discuss about a novel teaching methodology that can support the PE teachers for overcoming the previous cited limits. The evidences provided in this study can help the current and the new physical education teachers and can be used as some possible suggestions for planning or restyling the PETE programs.



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Sgrò, F., & Lipoma, M. (2019). Thinking about the use of Tactical Games Model in primary school. Formazione & Insegnamento, 17(3 Suppl.), 193–206.

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