Models and evidences: training in the technological society


  • Anita Gramigna


This article is born from the need to reflect, in a global way, about the formative
practices operated by the technologies and about their models; finally
about the consequences, not always explicit, that the ones and the others
have regarding behaviours and values. Therefore, the attempt to clarify the
relation between epistemic values and ethical values, on the background of
the need of educational concreteness. We will try to clarify when behaviours
and values are evidences and to re-construct a hermeneutical circle
between the models and the evidences themselves.
This article achieves a proposal which tries, on the one hand, to reflect in a
critical way about models, nevertheless on the spread circulation of paradigms
and on pedagogical normativity, on the other hand, to interrogate
facts, practice, evidences; in a word: the concreteness of the education in
the new technologies’ era.



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