The education factor and the increasing violence


  • Anita Gramigna
  • Carlo Rosa


As shown by the recent events in the local news, and by the outbreak of war
in the world, education coexists with violence and does not seem to be able
to contain it. Violence creeps into “the connective tissue” of the world,
which should be able to prepare the youngest citizens to exercise, with
deep awareness, their rights and to respect those of the others.
Starting from a theoretical and argumentative perspective, the authors try
to develop an educational interpretation to the phenomenon of violence in
its most recent manifestations, with the aim of fostering the debate of the
problem. The epistemological perspective refers to the authors of the
Frankfurt School, and to the contributions of Hannah Arendt and Martha
Nussbaum. To determine the relationship between the phenomenon studied
and the context, the authors use a qualitative approach, as a normative
The authors expect to encourage a debate that highlights the criticality of a
pervasive social pedagogy that –for the authors- powers narcissism and
consumerism: elements that intensify the increase in violence.



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