RoboticaAlly: metacognition and innovation in talent’s school


  • Anita Gramigna


The essay we’re presenting brings forth the reflections of a work carried out with
the teachers who attended the two sessions of the Summer School in Educational Robotics, held in the August of 2016 and 2017. Nonetheless those who participated in the final national competitions, that took place in Foligno from the 4thto the 6th of May 2017, in the context of the the activities of the Laboratory of Formation’s epistemology Euresis of the university of Ferrara and the State Institutes Network Robocup Jr Italia. he objective of our work lies in the proposition of a school that aims to the valorisation of the talents of both the teachers and the students. Our students are used to the bombardment of fast messages and stimuli that got them accustomed to live with nuisance all those situations that require slowness. How to differently orient these cognitive habits, then? On one hand, some critical issues noticed in the cognitive approaches of children and teens (concentration, attention, abstraction, and motivation difficulties, in addition to solipsistic behaviours) will be analysed, on the other hand, we will try to show how an aware use of educational robotics helps the teachers to analyse the cognitive field of their students, nonetheless to activate a metacognitive approach to scholastic knowledge.



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