Motor and environmental education: legislation and developments in the School


  • Ario Federici
  • Luca Federici



In this work, motor activity in the natural environment is taken into consideration, its effectiveness for a correct lifestyle; training and education, for a sustainable development of the human being. The common thread is represented by the holistic and multi-systemic vision, which connects man to the environment with coordinated interdisciplinary content and paths. An environmental education that sees the school as a protagonist through the movement in the acquisition of values, attitudes, experiences with awareness and attention to the environment. An active school with educational purposes where movement in its various forms is pre-eminent, integrated with interdisciplinary activities of research, observation, study, exploration and discovery of natural phenomena. In order to understand its evolution in Italy, it was useful to frame the problem in a wide historical and legislative space by attempting an epistemological approach and connection in order to seek a correct methodological and didactic sequence of this interesting binomial not only culturally but as an authentic lifestyle.