Sport as a life project


  • Ario Federici
  • Giovanna Troiano
  • Manuela Valentini


In rugby as in life you run towards a goal: our life as a whole tends toward a goal. This research is laborious and it requires struggle and diligence. The important thing is not to run alone. Sport has often been used as a life metaphor and actually, on the basis of a regulatory framework shown by Miur, it is possible to highlight the importance of physical activity at school from the point of view of integration and across the board perspective. Physical activities and sports support the proper physiological, morphological, emotional, cognitive and socio relational development of the individual aiming at the acquisition of adequate lifestyles and a fair competition respecting the mate. Educational
agencies are fundamental and cooperating one another they have to aim at
developing mutual learning creating meaning, a way of integration which requires a new communicability. The attention may be focused on a sport which has several meanings such as culture, friendship, collaboration, performance but mostly fair play: rugby. Rugby promoting plan can be a chance for every pupil, it’s not a well known sport which is easy to learn. It’s a newness, and as such, students like it. You can develop coordination and conditional abilities. Basing everything on contact it can’t do without some essential values including respect of the rule and of the enemy.



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