Educating the gaze: between aesthetics and innovative technologies


  • Anita Gramigna
  • Giovanni Ganino


These considerations aim to sketch some important lines of the epistemology
of training in its aesthetic sense with reference to audio-visual languages
and technologies. The later part of the paper will include the consequences
in terms of procedure and a proposal on the applicability of the
principles presented. The methodological approach is of the qualitative
type as it tends to highlight especially the relational dynamics of the phenomenon
both connected with the contemporary context and epistemological
assumptions of a hermeneutic nature and relating to interpretative
pedagogy. The conclusions highlight the importance of epistemological
awareness in order to optimize the learning triggered by these innovative
technologies and, therefore, an educational proposal.



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Gramigna, A., & Ganino, G. (2017). Educating the gaze: between aesthetics and innovative technologies. Formazione & Insegnamento, 15(3), 225–238. Retrieved from

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