The Expired Words of Pedagogy: language, Education and Democracy




Pedagogy, Linguistics, Humanistic skills, Scientific skills, Technologies


The current scientific paths in the pedagogical scope that have encountered linguistics and related areas had some validity in the past, but they should be quickly updated in the face of the constant and unexpected evolutions in which we are immersed, as they are partly outdated. Speaking about languages, it is necessary to work to reduce the artificial separations between humanistic and scientific skills, for a recomposition of knowledge, as a premise of the indispensable recomposition of the person, suspended between the revolt towards new commands and the supine acceptance of the technologies that guide existences.



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Caligiuri , M. . (2022). The Expired Words of Pedagogy: language, Education and Democracy. Formazione & Insegnamento, 20(1 Tome I), 346–361.

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