The teacher’s profile in contemporary pedagogical Humanism


  • Immacolata Brunetti



The following proposal is born to continue the research conducted on the teacher’s professional values (Schwartz, Melech, Lehmann, Burgess, Harris, and Owens, 2001; I. Brunetti, 2018) that put in practice in the school life. Primary object is establishing a values hierarchy (PVQ, Capanna, C., Vecchione, M., and Schwartz, S. H., 2005) central assumptions of the pipeline to understand the mechanisms of correlation and movement of Schwartz’s values theory (1992; 2012; 2015). The aim is therefore to investigate, within the first perspective of capability approach what are the each individual’s personal culiarities.



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Brunetti, I. (2020). The teacher’s profile in contemporary pedagogical Humanism. Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(1 Tome II), 578–586.

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