Preliminary reflections on the digital languages conceptual representation


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The proposal aims to highlight the contamination between intentionality and the planning of a didactic-educational intervention that allows the learner to approach expressive forms of a multi-perspective knowledge, highlighting the semiotic relationship between the didactic mediator, carried out from technological language and taught knowledge, as well as between abstract knowledge and visual knowledge. In this context it is possible to ask the question about the quality of the communicative and transformative process of knowledge, since the medium transforms the meaning of knowledge, starting from the skills acquired by the teacher (Margiotta, 1997) both in terms of teaching strategy and in terms of learning style. The methodology of this research, which is based on the case study, moves on the construct of teachers’ reflection on their teaching practice and analysis of action and thought, structured comparing (Trinchero, 2004) the levels of practice analysis (Altet, 2010) and deepening the observation and reflection on the same. The expected results show an unconscious use of the different communicative and transformative strategies of the knowledge taught since the choice of the digital mediator has strong implications in terms of operationalization of knowledge, teaching methodology and ways of understanding teaching (Rivoltella, 2014).



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