Educating for enterprise in secondary education


  • Daniele Morselli


One of the issues concerning the literature in entrepreneurship education
is that the same terms are used in different ways. The article proposes to differentiate
between the educational aspects of entrepreneurship and the
training aspects. Entrepreneurship education, the general term embedding
the others, is divided into enterprise education and entrepreneurial training.
Drawing from the literature, the article proposes five important dimensions
of the teacher educating for enterprise: enterprising didactics, teaching
and evaluating the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in the students,
partnerships inside and outside the school, educating students for
enterprising attitudes, being enterprising teachers in a life wide perspective.
The article shows a questionnaire based on the five dimensions which
was given to secondary teachers in an Italian technical institute. Results
suggests that in the Italian technical institutes there is a lot of work to be
done to have the teachers being enterprising and educating for enterprise.



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