Hints for a generative pedagogical teleology


  • Chiara D'Alessio


The work starts from a historical excursus on the metaphysical concepts of
good until it reaches the subjectivist and objectivist positions characterizing
contemporary philosophy. The problem of the relationship between
pluralism and values relativism is examined in an attempt to found possible
pedagogical responses to the current value crisis. The thought of R. Resta is
presented, whose theoretical teaching supports the teleological and axiological
nature of the educational process by claiming the autonomous disciplinary
status of pedagogy, by re-uniting the theory-practice unity and
bringing back to the educational and educational moment synthesis. This
dynamic essence characterizes the achievement of objective values, that
humankind is called to acquire independently and to grow in an original
and innovative way. In this sense, the reference to pedagogical teleology as
a prospective connection to an authentic education of contemporary man
can generate responses to the most profound and concrete needs that look
beyond their own historicity – temporality and articulated in three major directions: self-education and research of its fullness, tension to the other
and co-responsibility and cultural dialogue.



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