Physical inactivity among post-modern society and lifestyles


  • Daniele Masala
  • Maria Gabriella De Santis
  • Paola Alonso
  • Francesco Peluso Cassese


Today’s society is characterized by inter-human relations network increasingly
globalized; rapid transformation of everyday life dictated by new technologies;
productivity and trade continues to increase. Everything generates a educational
distance between generations whit the result of adults against the growing subjects.
The latter are increasingly victims of consumerism and technology, without
making movement, physical activity, sports. Consequently, society, perhaps because responsible for all this, finally wonders about issues related to such behaviors, as a result, produce physical inactivity, laziness, lack of exercise, overweight and obesity whit all associated pathological complications.



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Masala, D., De Santis, M. G., Alonso, P., & Peluso Cassese, F. (2017). Physical inactivity among post-modern society and lifestyles. Formazione & Insegnamento, 14(3 Suppl.), 191–204. Retrieved from

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