The fantastic combination of good-School and the school inside


  • Francesca De Vitis


In the Report 2014 on the Good School reads: “Italy need a good school that
developments in young people their creativity and encourage them to do
things with their hands in the digital age. We need a good school because
education is the only solution to the structural unemployment, the only answer
to the new demand for skills expressed by economic and social
changes. [...] Giving the country a good school means to provide it with a
permanent mechanism innovation, development, and quality of democracy.
A mechanism that feeds on the energy of new generations of citizens,
trained and poised to do the ‘Italian, Changing Europe, face the world. [...]”.
The theoretical part of this contribution by the pair of words Good School.
Fantastic combination for a theoretical rethinking of the school environment
itself, but also in school environments decontextualized. The discussion
revolves around the keywords that are: creativity, educational innovation
and process. Commonly we talk about the creative process, teaching
process, educational process. In this contribution we try to track down the
trans-processuality of creativity, and education as pedagogical innovation to
a good school.



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