Preventing Extremist Behavior in Youth Through Artistic Educational Approaches: The European Experience of CineCommUnity




Youth, Art approach, Extremism, Cinema discussion, Sense of belonging


The problem of youth discomfort and its related consequences, in particular with reference to extremist, violent and radicalising behaviour (UNESCO, 2019) appears in recent years to be an emergency both at national and inter-national level. Adolescence in itself represents a particularly critical and difficult phase of life where the search for a sense of appearance becomes stronger. The main aim of this paper is to highlight the potential of artistic educational approaches that involve young people through various forms of activities to create a sense of belonging and social cohesion. This concept was at the basis of the various campaigns carried out in the European project CommU-nity in which the FORLILPSI Department of the University of Florence was a partner. In particular, the contribution aims to be a reflection opportunity for pedagogical research on a film forum activity carried out in some Tuscan secondary schools and at the University itself.