From Social Justice to Restorative Justice: The Experience of the Children of the Kayrós Community




Re-education, Justice, Storytelling, Community, Deviance


In the perspective of a regenerated humanism, youth deviance is the plastic manifestation of the weak and fragile side of contemporary society: from transgressive conduct to criminal acts by increasingly fragile adolescents, it is a sign of a serious educational emergency. The present contribution is part of a christian anthropological thought, in which co-belonging, co-evolution and ecosystem education take shape and subsistence only if considered in the context of a participation of the most fragile youth in the cultural debate on the future of humanity. In this context, the pedagogical vision of the contribution of the figure of the «educator» capable of committing himself and not resigning himself to the apparent sense of educational  mpotence is placed knowing how to read one’s own time as Kayros, that is, knowing how to seize every educational
moment as a favorable opportunity to ensure the integral development of the person and knowing how to intervene on the need for new approaches to pedagogical reflection capable of nourishing the path of human educability. Starting from a humanizing perspective in which the processes that lead to the educational relationship, are to be understood as an «opportune moment» it is intended, therefore, to present the ethical-reflective path that the guests of the Kayrós Community carry out within a process of personal liberation and conquest of their autonomy.