Towards a Global Educational Alliance: From the “Education Village” to the Integrated Territorial Network against Educational Poverty




Educational poverty, Generativity, Territory, Inequalities, Care


Starting from Pope Francis’ proposal to co-build a «village of education» (Pope Francis, 2020) which forms a concrete educational alliance between institutions, placing the person and the common good at the center of pedagogical reflection (Maritain, 1963), we intend to relaunch an integrated territorial pedagogical planning that captures, in human complexity, the dynamic and generative potential of supportive and ethically characterized social well-being, the vital germ of a new humanism. From various reports on the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Italy, the worsening of inequalities and educational poverty emerges, empirical evidence of a discomfort that is not only cultural and educational, but existential, which relegates many minors «in the peripheries of living» (Mannese, 2019). The synergistic action of the Observatory on Educational Processes and Territorial Analysis of the University of Salerno with the Foundation ‘a VOCE d’’e CREATURE Onlus, which operates in one of the most degraded neighborhoods of Naples, constitutes a virtuous example of an educating community on the territory and for the territory.