The transcendentality of being-with in the didactics of sports sciences


  • Stefano Scarpa



This contribution originates from the reflections that took place in a fruitful scientific and correspondence debate with the pioneer Umberto Margiotta. The speculative path that follows takes its cue from a basic question: “what is the transcendental nature of formative intersubjectivity and the practices it establishes?” (Minello & Margiotta 2011, p. 25), in an attempt to be able to account for the way in which even the ontology of the motor science domain is constituted on theoretical iuxta propria principia as a rigorous epistemic domain. Thus a path of analysis, reflection and deepening of a large part of Western philosophy on the subject in question is undertaken, with particular reference to phenomenology and ‘post-phenomenology’, with the aim of reaching a foundational explanation of the sports sciences as a unitary disciplinary sector, albeit interconnected with many other scientific knowledges, in a profound reflection on the transcendental question of pedagogy, training and teaching in motor sciences, deepening some crucial themes intimately linked to it such as: intentionality, intersubjectivity, and incarnation.