Corporeity and inclusion. A research with future specialized teachers


  • Rosa Sgambelluri
  • Viviana Vinci



The recognition of the educational value of the motor sciences derives from a long path of overcoming Cartesian dualism between logos and pathos. The latest orientations of didactic research emphasize the role of corporeality in teaching and learning processes too. It is important that the training courses of future teachers to give value to physical education, intended in its transversality, and not anymore as a separate disciplinary area. This study describes protocol and results of a research carried out in 2019-2020 with exploratory purpose, involving 197 teachers attending the Qualification course for support educational activity for disabled students at Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria focused on the beliefs of graduate teachers in relation with the Physical Education field. The research provided a survey on representation of teachers about body as inclusive mediator. Results show the need to enhance, in the University qualification training courses, the use of body as inclusive mediator, as powerful facilitators that amplify accessibility and participation.



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Sgambelluri, R., & Vinci, V. (2020). Corporeity and inclusion. A research with future specialized teachers. Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(1 Tome I), 362–375.

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