Inclusion and epigenetic perspective: The research on the «ECS Based School»


  • Paola Damiani



Starting from the new scenarios characterizing the current formative society, the article proposes a reflection on the emerging needs involving school, health and family, with particular reference to the exponential increase in diagnosis of neurodevelopment disorders. It highlights the need to adopt transdisciplinary paradigms, that are able to offer reading keys and perspectives of intervention more representative of the complexity of the phenomena in the field. The epigenetic perspective promotes the understanding of the highlighted phenomena and opens up interesting application paths, also in the school area, in terms of primary and secondary prevention of the disorders. The model of ECS Schools, built essentially on the principles of neuroscience and the pedagogy of inclusion, is an attempt to enhance and concretize some aspects of the epigenetic perspective by teachers.



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Damiani, P. (2020). Inclusion and epigenetic perspective: The research on the «ECS Based School». Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(1 Tome I), 59–68.

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