The recognition of the superdotation between old perspectives and new horizons


  • Nicolina Pastena


Equality is one of the fundamental values of democratic society and an inalienable right for the individuals who belong to it. At the same time, one
can not fail to recognize, in equality, the right to diversity which unconditionally
sanctions the right of everyone to the conscious maturation of their
personal and social identity. The thin veil that separates the concept of normality
from the concept of diversity often gives rise to easy generalizations
and to positions on the meaning of the term diversity. In fact, the social assessment of normality stems, in a preponderant way, from socially perceived
expectations and judgments of value where, rarely, the problem of
superdotation is inserted as a particular form of diversity. The importance
of environmental and social influence in the development of superdotation
and cognitive enhancement was the driving motive of the action of Federica
Mormando and of Don Calogero La Placa who, although from different perspectives,
fought for recognition of the super-gifted children and their right
to be appropriately inserted into the education paths.



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