The capacitating talent in Industry 4.0


  • Massimiliano Costa


Industry 4.0 makes the more dynamic workers innovate by getting into action
creativity and generative knowledge. The transformation/production
process is mediated by technology and robotics nowadays. This process influences
both the worker professional and identity process construction.
The essay highlights how talent within industry 4.0 contexts grow out from
two different dimensions crossing: practice, as continuous engagement and
exercise and environment capability within working context, as a possibility
to promote creativity, affectivity and unpublished solution creation, made
by the workplace. So talent becomes a multimodal construct in which work
practice exercise is the expression of understanding, exploring, evaluation
of both freedom to achieve and take part in digital networks. These dimensions
in Industry 4.0 turn the “to do” in a signification and project realization
process, able to involve through agency the real operative context.



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