Talent, competence, capability: common facets to an operative conceptual framework


  • Roberto Melchiori


In the last two decades, in the field of educational research, there have been lines of deepening, parallel lines that have concerned the macro-constructed competences (competence), skills (capacitation) and talents (ductions and talent). The link between the three macro-constructed can seem evident, especially considering the consonances and analogies concerning the starting areas and contexts, i. e. both theoretical and operational references regarding human physiology, cognitive and social psychology, sociology,
philosophy, education and training, economics and evaluation.
However, the same lines of research have not been directly compared, i. e. their possible direct or indirect correspondences and reciprocity were not specified or established, but they followed different paths, even if, at times, underlying and unidirectional asymmetries have been highlighted: the competences
in capacitations. The same talent, as a development of the individual’s inner endowment, which should anticipate, support and direct the explicative characterizations of the other two macro-constructs, has been the subject of specific research in the educational and social context and context.
It is necessary to have a renewed conceptual scheme, intended as a framework, used to compare with similar ones adopted in national and international surveys to achieve an improvement of the overall knowledge of formal educational and training phenomena.
This educational research is part of the line of studies that deals with the construction of conceptual models and the reworking of research results (e. g. OECD surveys), with the intention of proposing possible updates of subsequent research or surveys to highlight the characteristics, differences and factors
that determine the development of the individual’s ability to use their own resources and develop them as talents and skills according to the potential capabilities involved



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