Effective educative school leadership: a framework for analysis


  • Roberto Melchiori


The need to ensure a quality education has become one of the key objectives of the European Commission’s strategic framework for cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). In this policy context, is important examines fundamental aspects of school and working conditions. Educators have long known intuitively
that school leadership make a difference. Effective education leadership makes a difference in improving learning. There’s nothing new or especially controversial about that idea. What’s far less clear, even after several decades of school renewal efforts, is just how leadership matters, how important those effects
are in promoting the learning of all children, and what the essential ingredients of successful leadership are. This article examines some available evidence results and offers educators, policymakers and all researchers interested in promoting successful schools, some reflections to these vitally important questions. Also, from the meta-analysis carried proposes a framework for effective leadership to be used as a tool to analyze the practices of school leaders.



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