Teaching styles, motor learning and educational process


  • Dario Colella


The school can be considered the primary educational environment for the promotion of physically active lifestyles, learning of motor competences, the development of individual autonomy and interpersonal relations. Those who teach physical education in primary and secondary school, they have the opportunity to improve student learning, involving the whole person. Studies and research they have largely confirmed that physical education is a fundamental curricular area as the experience gained through the body and movement at the same time promote the development of motor skills, motor abilities, knowledge, motivation, to an extent and different ratios in relation to the proposal of the activities and the teacher’s role. In the following contribution, starting with an analysis of the educational role of physical education and motor activities in children, it describes how the teaching styles (according to the model proposed by Mosston & Ashworth) are necessary to promote learning and development of motor competences and by helping teachers to develop a learning environment that provides students with
quality educational experiences.



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