Reflexive approach as a measure of parenting support


  • Umberto Margiotta
  • Elena Zambianchi


This paper describes the operative part of a study developed as PhD thesis, which main objective is to analyse, in a parenting context, the most significant characterizations of the educational relationship. It is also a part of the activities promoted by the ALICE European Project, which has among its objectives the training through creative languages and informal of adults interested to interact with children. The aim of the paper is to show that effective parenting support measures are also the ones that include the use of informal methodologies and creative languages, and show that they can occur in the direction of education, of “treating well” and care, to guide parents towards a critical reflection on the educational skills which they already possess but of which they are not always fully aware.



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Margiotta, U., & Zambianchi, E. (2013). Reflexive approach as a measure of parenting support. Formazione & Insegnamento, 11(1 Suppl.), 13–24. Retrieved from

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