Dual Career of Athletes as Example of Integrated Talent Education


  • Domenico Tafuri
  • Sergio Bellantonio


Talent is a subject that has affected the educational research in recent
decades, since its expression is mediated by learning as educational phenomena.
All this directly calls into the question the talent education, meaning
that it becomes appropriate that everyone develop his potential in every
context of everyday life. A so guided education is the one that mature
awareness that should be introduced educational aims in their profiles that
focus on the development of individual talents and their peculiarities.
When in sports we are dealing with the so-called “talented athletes” what
strategies should then be put in place by the educational systems? The answer
can be found in the Dual Career of Athletes, namely the possibility for
athletes engaged in formal training, from School to University, to be able to
successfully combine the excellence in sport with education, through integrated
educational pathways useful to prevent dispersion of talented athletes
in sports.



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