“Skill labs” for the teacher-researcher’s training in the FIT path


  • Maria Rosaria Strollo
  • Rosaria Capobianco


This contribution focuses on the starting teachers’ formation, a multiple formation,
as it consists of three elements: taught disciplines’ epistemologies,
the pedagogical-didactic elaborations and the practical knowledge built
through the daily experience. The latter, in particular, will have to be enhanced
by the labs started by FIT path (Initial Training and Internship), “skill
labs” whose purpose is to promote the teacher-researcher, a dimension basically
linked to a professionalism that is, by its nature, committed to understanding
and carrying improvement.



How to Cite

Strollo, M. R., & Capobianco, R. (2017). “Skill labs” for the teacher-researcher’s training in the FIT path. Formazione & Insegnamento, 15(3), 173–186. Retrieved from https://ojs.pensamultimedia.it/index.php/siref/article/view/2635

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