Gift and deviance. The reciprocity of the educational relationship of the penitentiary voluntary


  • Cristina Cardinali
  • Rodolfo Craia


The recovery of the criminal, of its human capital involves the entire society, involved in a donation of time and resources for the recovery of the value of those who lost themselves in the deviant path. For this reason the contribution of those who knowingly, decides to contribute to the work of the rehabilitation must be valued and channeled in a project of formation and permanent motivation, associating the volunteer and the deviant subject in a path that responsibly and reciprocally bring both, in different roles, to create the conditions for inclusion in an educational relationship of absolute social value. It is precisely in this sense that the educational value of volunteering is expressed: in the reciprocity of the educational relationship between those who demonstrate the value of man purified by the pay principle and the prisoner who collects the value of what he donated. The burden that the volunteer assumes in this
report, contributes to activating in the prisoner the process of empowerment, therefore, the understanding of the severity of the damage caused, a basic passage in the path of critical review.
Therefore, the gift of the time of the volunteer, flanked by religious values, ethical and political, recalled by constitutional principles, is a key element to act in the inclusive retraining terms and to solicit a model of intervention for the recovery of the human capital of the prisoner, a resource, a recoverable value through the model of the capacitation.



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