The axis of nature and culture in the theory and practice of education-teaching


  • Maria Tomarchio


With regards to the educational, didactical and pedagogical fields, the use
of metaphors, borrowed from the practice of the cultivation of the earth as
a cure and complement in the growth and education is widely spread. Interesting
implications of anthropological, linguistic, methodological – educational
and cultural nature are linked to such elaboration. Regarding the
above mentioned elaboration, nowadays, pedagogy is called upon to reflect
within the limits of the environmental study theory so that to avoid every
aseptic, superficial, partial and misleading reconstruction of the wide,
spontaneous and epochal event of valorizing earth as a good “shelter”, to
the widespread of critical sense directed to the protection of the environmental
resources, to sustainable development and daily consumption behavior.
Between history and new arising organizations a proposal is made
to reflect on the theoretical models, experiences, reference texts and pedagogists.



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