A policy for school staff’s in-service training


  • Umberto Margiotta Pensa MultiMedia Editore


This article reflects upon the actual problems linked to teachers’ in-service training, which seems to be pervaded by the concern of specializing them according to even more restricted perspectives. Instead, scientific communication is actually developing systemic links and cross-relations, thus answering to the demand for transversal or at least integrated professionalism. The planning
of in-service training requires us to deal with an apparatus that allows internal regulation of the educational system; moreover, it requires human resource policy. Accordingly, this paper offers some proposals for a comprehensive project aimed at the development of school staff’s in-service training.
It does so by abiding the perspective of life-long, continuous, global, permanent, cooperative, trans-disciplinary, adult-oriented training. The foreseen goal is that of widening teachers’ expertise in the fields of personal and communal interaction with pupils, together with an increased awareness of the situated context, of the way institutions work, and of the general environment.
It claims that, if she wants to support coherent political choices, one has to consciously face the need for an academic featuring of the system that permanently trains both teachers and trainers.



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