Apprenticeship as learning. Investigating the accompaniment to practice of socio-pedagogical professional educators


  • Enrico Miatto
  • Luciana Rossi
  • Beatrice Saltarelli



The contribution enters into the merits of the didactic activity that accompanies the curricular traineeships for the training of the socio-pedagogical professional educator, starting from the revision of the Baccalaureate cycles in Science of Education “Professional social educator” and “Educator of educational services for children”, within the IUSVE training offer. Against the backdrop of the “reflective turn” (Mortari, 2003; Fabbri, 2014) that brings value to reflection and reflexivity, the main features of the training model proposed to students are outlined, valuing situated and abductive learning (NASEM, 2019), whose outcomes become the object of research in the perspective of monitoring-improvement of teaching action.