Economic crisis and educational crisis. A new idea of sustainable welfare in the complexity of post Covid-19


  • Vito Balzano



The relationship between pedagogy and social policies today draws attention to a reflection on the importance of the relationship between the educational sphere and the economic dimension. Already Piero Bertolini, in his essay “La responsabilità educativa. Studi di pedagogia sociale” had emphasized how necessary and indispensable the economic dimension was but, at the same time, how it had to be declined with factors managed mainly in a pedagogical key, in order to offer solutions capable of continuing over time. The health emergency of recent months, due to the spread of coronavirus, has placed at the center of pedagogical reflection the need to recover the sense of the educational relationship and, at the same time, to practice solidarity and citizenship.

This paper is based on pedagogical reflection on the economic dimension in the education sciences, on the relationship between the economy and education, in order to try to redefine new social policies, then a new system of sustainable welfare oriented on the value of the person to undermine the failure of an exclusively welfare dynamic.