Sports education: teacher, instructor or coach? Among qualifications and skills


  • Ferdinando Cereda


Physical education and sport contribute to the growth of the man, directing towards a healthy state of life and generating physical and psychological benefits. The education of high-level socio-motor operators of general and specific educational qualification is important.
A discussion on the training and professional qualification processes of sports instructors is necessary, as well as the matter. With the start of good social practices is possible preventing early school leaving, unemployment, social reintegration and work reintegration.
The role of the sports instructor has been described as a constant application of
interpersonal and intrapersonal professional knowledge in order to improve the skills, trust and relationships of people in specific operational contexts. While instructors can develop their functional skills during practice-experience, skills related to their tasks should be provided in the training paths. To avoid a failure on the pedagogical and ethical discussion, the training courses and related content for sports operators must include an order of ideas and tools, with methodological and operational lines within a project of lifelong education. They must be rebuilt according to a new consistency, with a proposal of
multipurpose motor-sports activity, informed to a clear and precise cultural choice that places the man in the middle of the experience.



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