Intrapreneurship as leverage for new job


  • Massimiliano Costa
  • Andrea Strano


Nowadays work transforms its meaning and its representation. The concept
of competence is changing: it’s referred to the ability to act, rather than to
performance. Workers that are truly qualified and competent, also possess
entrepreneurial skills, since they act on opportunities and ideas to transform
them into value for themselves and for the others. The research disclosed
in this article had studied entrepreneurial competence through the
Capability Approach, involving more than one hundred people. Results
shows how the real meaning of entrepreneurial competence focuses on the
importance of being able to choose, as key figure of personal capability,
supporting in this way workers’ human development and fulfilment.



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Costa, M., & Strano, A. (2017). Intrapreneurship as leverage for new job. Formazione & Insegnamento, 15(1), 399–412. Retrieved from

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