The training of teachers and educators. Reflections regarding a study on university students


  • Luana Collacchioni


Is Italian schooling, starting from pre-school to high school, currently able to form and train the new generations with basic knowledge which is fundamental in order to express one’s own thoughts or Self with competencies that are effective for a future profession and are carefully constructed towards having a well-founded ethical professionalism? Do schools propose truly meaningful experiences for the formation and building of one’s identity and
for letting one’s personal “talent” emerge in a training setting which, according to regulations, are carefully attentive to each and every student? Do schools invest in forms/formulas and ways of orientation that are functional for the students so that they may proceed in further training and be able to find their place in the working world? Do the students who annually enroll at university have adequate competencies in order to face such reality? Do they
find (at university) an organized place having functional ways that are continuous and help them shape their professional, cultural and literary formation? As a professor of Pedagogy and Special Education in the course of studies in the Educational Science department and Social Educational Science department in collaboration with the Professor-Tutor of Doctorate Research Andrea Mannucci, I am able to espress some evaluations and considerations by demonstrating examples of training/formation with beginning university students together with their testimonials and mine regarding their journey of training/formation through the University of Florence.



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