Cognitive neuroscience in the classroom: conditions of use


  • Rita Minello Pensamultimedia



The indisputable contribution of cognitive neuroscience to education and teaching requires a specific degree of attention and careful contextualization. After examining the relationship between education and cognitive neuroscience, this contribution investigates the nature of the educational offer promoted by neuro-pedagogy. Subsequently, it highlights the essential elements that must accompany such educational offer, as well as the need for a transdisciplinary reorientation of professional teacher training. Finally, this paper focuses on the elements and mediators that can characterize the process of transition from laboratory cognitive neuroscience to its classroom applications. The article concludes by asserting that the transformation of the school system – when it is conceived in a structural perspective – could represent the real innovative potential of neuroscientific applications to the schooling sector.



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Minello, R. (2020). Cognitive neuroscience in the classroom: conditions of use. Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(4), 26–34.

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