Methods for identifying talents in unemployed young people


  • Martina Brazzolotto Pensamultimedia
  • Giordano Casonato



The recognition of talent takes place on the basis of the identification of some particular skills, which, through personal motivation and a favorable context, due to authentic relationships, can be noticed and developed, so that they are transformed and recognized as talents (Gagné, 2018). Talent is the result of a journey (Margiotta, 2018); therefore it is possible to make a prediction rather than a real identification; in fact, talent is constantly evolving.
The study investigated some pedagogical research techniques to forecast the talents of 40 young unemployed adults, of which 22 were females and 18 were males with an average age of 25. Between the questionnaire, the observation of a sketch under controlled conditions and the analysis of a document such as a narration, it seems that the tool that brings out all the factors that contribute to the development of talent is the narration.



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Brazzolotto, M. ., & Casonato, G. (2020). Methods for identifying talents in unemployed young people. Formazione & Insegnamento, 18(3), 328–338.