e-book to communicate and instruct at workplace: case study


  • Barbara Tondini
  • Carla Simeoni
  • Vivana Rinaldi


The workplaces have high levels of danger for the lack of real perception of the risks from workers, although the systems have planned in full compliance with rules, correctly certificated and periodically checked. It is happened that authorised personnels have the correct attitude with difficulties because of the unintelligible and copious amount of rules to be followed. As a consequence,
the occupational safety rules are turned to wrong automatism behaviour in spite of compulsory prearranged training, information and continuing education courses.
The project is aimed to give an essential and noteworthy key factor to support both employers, who have to set up training courses for workers, and employees, who have to respect the instructions for teamwork and personal safety (art. 20 D. Lgs. 81/08).
The followed method is based on several aspects, such as: firstly, make easier the message for people who it is aimed to; secondly, make easier the information access, mainly when it is needed.
The e-book represents the right, useful and modern work tool for workers knoledge, transferring from the “knoledge” to “knowing how to be” (security ethics) and “know-how” (prevations competence acquired), understandable to all workers.



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