About the Journal

Formazione & insegnamento is a Diamond Open Access Journal that publishes research on education and training, with focus on continuing education, educational policies in a European and global context, pedagogy, and teaching.

The goal of the journal is to bridge the gap between the Scienze dell'Educazione and Scienze della Formazione paradigms, which is an epistemological distinction that does not exist in other languages and academic communities. When the journal was born, the worlds of "formazione" (continuing education and training) and of "educazione" (formal schooling) in Italy were undergoing a paradigmatic shift. Hence, Professor Margiotta felt the need to collect and disseminate theoretical and empirical studies concerning educational practitioners in a transversal perspective. So Formazione & insegnamento was founded.

The journal was thus created as a free space to foster an academic debate that could rejoin the long tail of the Lifelong Learning Movement dating back from the 1970s (see, e.g., the Faure Report) with the then most recent innovations in the field of education studies that could impact teachers and educators (such as, but not limited to, the Capability Approach of the early 2000s).

Following the internationalization trends in Italian education studies, the journal welcomes debates on inclusion, globalization, lifelong learning, social justice, and sustainability as bases to promote educational leadership for the transformation of the contemporary society.

In 2014, Formazione & insegnamento became full Open Access and gradually diminished the amount of printed materials, for environmental reasons. Former printed editions are still available but their series is deprecated (ISSN 1973-4778). Instead, the online version continues to date (ISSN 2279-7505).

The journal targets an academic audience with scholarly interest in education, learning, pedagogy and training. It welcomes research papers from all practitioners (such as educators, lecturers, and teachers) that meet the highest standards of research in their respective sectors.

Sports and Motor Learning

In Italy, the following pedagogical subjects fall under the "GSD 06/MEDF-01": Pedagogy and methods of motor activities (MEDF-01/A), Pedagogy and methods in sports (MEDF-01/B). Given the wealth of submissions received from these fields of study, the journal publishes the special section in separate issues labelled "Supplements".

Further information

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