Evaluation of university teaching through students’ questionnaire


  • Stefania Nirchi Pensa MultiMedia Editore


In recent years, the evaluation of the University has become the focal point
of an intense debate the essential element of which is based on the ability
of the teaching faculty to carrying out its activities; on the one hand the possibility of improvement of the Italian education system in general and, on
the other, the learning outcomes of the students. One of the methods now
adopted by almost all universities in the measurement of the quality of
teaching, is the evaluation of teachers by students. This is completed by
means of an anonymous questionnaire designed to measure the opinions
of students on the teachings and courses taken, in order to highlight the
main positive aspects and also critical aspects, and propose any improvements.
The main objective of this article is to underline any eventual problems
related to the different use that universities can apply to the outcomes
of the student’s questionnaires, analyzing the main points of the survey and
highlighting docimological characteristics of the instrument utilized.



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