Phenomenology of bullying: a case study


  • Roberto Melchiori
  • Francesco Maria Melchiori


Bullying is one of the social phenomena that has observed the highest incidence
increase during adolescence among nowadays youngsters. Acts of
bullying, when not contrasted and resolved, within time can “irreversibly”
change the life of both the victim and the perpetrator. In this perspective,
the holistic case study, as focus of the research project, aimed to track and
establish how an adolescent, involved in a bullying situation, is compelled
to modify his relationships at school, with his family members and with his
peer group. Hence, in order to understand and at the same time make comprehensible the information gathered through the work on the field, two
parallel narratives were developed: on the one hand the experimental
method was used for activity development and observation (prototypal approach), on the other hand story board composition, along with a theatrical
plot, for the evidence description.



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