Solidarity Between Generations: Personal and Community Empowerment




Intergenerational spaces, Reflective urban planning, Experiential learning, Social sustainability, Fraternity


During the first 2021 months I carried out a survey in collaboration with university students as an ending for the teaching activity of the Pedagogy course. Starting from such survey, this contribution presents reflections about intergenerational co-housing. The article centers on the need to identify and prepare educational-training places and paths as star systems part of a sustainable ecosystem, capable of building both individual and collective transformative agencies. The intergenerational co-housing constitutes a laboratory of change as well as proof of a future in which: education in commitment and responsibility, the centrality of relationships understood as a connecting structure, the need to co-construct the everyday in opening up to beliefs , to the values and orientations for the life of the other, all these factors trigger transformative and profound processes that allow full development of both the individual and the community. 



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Scaglioso, C. . (2022). Solidarity Between Generations: Personal and Community Empowerment. Formazione & Insegnamento, 20(1 Tome I), 079–089.