Methodological demands, soft skill and ICT integration


  • Marina De Rossi


The attention for university didactics and its innovative and qualifying issues,
is nowadays at the forefront of the educational discourse and
strengthens more and more the opportunity to consider as linked the following
complex constructs: methodological demands, ICT integration, and
conjunct development of both hard skills (disciplinary) and soft skills
(cross-disciplinary). This contribution wants to offer some reflections about
methodologies for academic education from a learner-centred perspective
considering, among the other factors, ICT usage as a crucial issue. As it is
widely acknowledged, it is not enough to act on the level of instrumental
equipment or isolated dimensions of teachers’ knowledge. Instead, there is
the need to foster advanced models aimed at realizing ICT integration in didactics in operative and procedural ways. Moreover, these models should
go beyond the link among fundamental knowledge types (disciplinary, pedagogical, technological), to consider students’ characteristics (in terms of
knowledges, hard and soft skills already owned and the ones to be enhanced),
and also educational context (Angeli & Valanides, 2009).



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