Bodily communication and volleyball


  • Raiola Renato
  • Francesco Peluso Cassese


Bodily communication is within its own epistemological framework where the nonverbal message is empirically investigated in the whole of its phenomenon. To communicate means to establish a relationship and contact among the people because it means to transfer the content of a message. Communication is not only the data transmission throughout the channel, where the beginning is the source of bodily signs and the destination is the or receiver. Every context has its identity, such as the sports are different for rules, structures, composition of the groups and, for example the volleyball has specific characteristics which it distinguishes to. other team sports.
Focus of the study is the application of body communication at volleyball. The analysis of the results of sports performance can highlight relationships between score and any technical skills which in this case are attributable to body communication, which have to be understood the feint. The aim is to see if any technical skills relating at attack skill and that are executed very quickly may influence the outcome. The result is narrowed at three possible kind of decoding behaviors and there was a noticeable impact on the final result



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